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In loving memory of (Right to Left) Huma Khaishgi, Omar Farid, Asma Ashraf

Asma Ashraf

To hear her voice is to spread honey, a salve, over a deep burn you didn’t realize was stinging. To feel her hug is to embrace the warmth of a crackling fireplace. To hear her words is to try to capture the delicate rustle of a hummingbird in flight. To hear her laugh is to feel a surrender to the joy of an unexpected moment. To see her hazel eyes alight on the tiniest creature is to witness the fierce love of defender to
the outside world.

Asma (Farid) Ashraf is the kind of person who the world opens up to. Her carefully parsed out words and kind honesty fill scores of hearts with reassurance and confidence. Her love is unparalleled and true, because it just is.

Omar Farid

 ‘To paraphrase Descartes’: I PAINT, therefore I am– mpulse wills me, instinct guides me, passion
powers me…’

OmarFarid; born Pakistani, born proud, born free.

OmarFarid’s essence is well-described in his succinct, yet powerful artist’s statement above. He was a proud, independent minded individual with an uncompromising artistic vision of the world around him. His bohemian spirit of adventure, love of travel, and affinity for the natural world are evident in his personal journal entries, photo albums, and, perhaps most of all, his prolific body of visual art. Further, Omar’s deep love for music–particularly that of the Beatles and Pink Floyd–resonated with his rock and roll spirit and influenced much of the imagery he incorporated in his work.

Onecan truly glimpse into Omar Farid’s mind by delving into his extensive artistic catalogue. His works range from sensitively rendered, meticulously detailed pen and ink drawings of beautiful women to psychedelic, vibrantly coloured paintings of fantastical creatures to completely abstract, highly textural works with no discernable subject in the traditional sense. Each work, no matter the style, radiates a mood and possesses an undeniable energy bestowed upon it by its creator.

OmarFarid was deeply inspired by nature, and some of his favourite places to visit were the seaside, the Karachi Zoological and Botanical Gardens, the now-closed Cli on Fish Aquarium, the Green Belt of Malir, and Manghopir, where he enjoyed watching the crocodiles and bathing in the thermal springs. His interest in gardening reflected his passion for the natural world and extended his keen eye for beauty beyond the canvas.

Huma Khaishgi

Huma Khaishgi was like a bright sun, attracting many to orbit her. But her natural force was love, not gravity. She was always present as a sounding board for all friends and family. She worked to keep bonds together with regular organizing of family dinners. She was considered by her sisters to be the backbone of the family. She was a schoolteacher, and that was a very natural fit for her, as she brought a humanizing influence to the Islamiat classes she initially taught, and a strong maternal, caring spirit when she became a regular class teacher.

She would delightedly describe the children leaning against her legs and falling asleep as she read them stories. Decades later students and parents would still come up to her just to greet her, and remind her of the impact she had on their lives. Huma loved nature, including gardening and her love for the dogs she had in her life was well known. She also had many childhood tales of the pet birds that were in the house. She was taken from us too soon, but she would have been very appreciative of the butterfly conservatory project– both for the sheer fragile beauty of the butterflies, and for the softening effect it will have on the children who experience it.