Social Emotional Storytelling


Storytelling for Social-Emotional Growth: Storychat
Storychat's mission is to foster social-emotional development in children by intertwining the art of storytelling with street theater. Our initiative focuses on nurturing core competencies such as empathy, self-awareness, and collaborative skills through engaging narratives and performances that reflect local cultures and experiences. Storychat is not just storytelling; it's a canvas where emotions paint their hues, a space where every child's story is a brushstroke that contributes to a masterpiece of collective identity and self-discovery.



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SEL Themes


Mother Tongue Narratives: Empowering Voices
We emphasize storytelling in the mother tongue, strengthening children's linguistic abilities and cultural identity. It serves as a bridge connecting personal experiences with broader social-emotional themes, encouraging children to explore and articulate their feelings confidently.

Emotional Expression and Identity: Creating Safe Spaces
In a society where emotional restraint is often valued over expression, Storychat provides a safe space for children to explore and define their emotions, contributing to their sense of self and community. We don't just narrate; we nurture. The content we craft is a garden where seeds of empathy, resilience, and understanding blossom, offering a window into the soul and a mirror to the world.

Social-Emotional Learning Content: Accessible and Relatable
Our goal is to create accessible content that opens up dialogue on essential SEL topics, from emotional management to constructive interaction. By integrating these themes into daily learning, we aim to lay a solid foundation for children’s ongoing personal and academic¬†endeavors.



Bee Gul

Chief Program Manager

Dr. Marium Haider

Child Psycholoist

Ajay Pinjani

Language Advisor